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2016 1099-G issued by California

January 31, 2017 • Sherman Oaks • Log In to Post Comments

Recently I have had two clients receive 2016 1099-G's on overpayments pertaining to the 2014 income tax year.  In both circumstances the 2014 overpayment was applied to the 2015 income tax year as credits toward 2015 income taxes (i.e. refunds were not made). Also the returns were timely filed by the extended due date in October 2015. 

I called FTB practitioner's hotline and the explanation from the FTB is as follows:  Because the the FTB did not complete processing the 2014 return until 2016, the FTB is issuing a 2016 1099-G based on the date of processing. 

This explanation seems incorrect.  Has anyone had a similar experience?  Who did they talk to to resolve the matter.  In both of theses circumstances the overpayments are over $100,000.


  Apparently this is happening to others.  See

We have sent the issue to the FTB to find out what's going on. When we get an answer I'll post it.

Thank you Lynn. 


I have spoken to Nancy, attorney for FTB, and she told me she will be asking questions and will get to me.

When I get her response I will let you know.

Jesus J. Mejia



Here is the update on the matter I posted.  I spoke with Practitioner Hotline.  They are aware of the issue and will correct your client's incorrect 1099-G only if you CALL the FTB and alert them to the problem.  I have been able to call and have three clients' accounts corrected. The FTB representtive has stated that they will issue corrected 1099-G's related to the 2014 overpayment. I have been advised the FTB is NOT taking a proactive measures to correct the improperly issued 1099G's.  This is frustrating as it will be a collosal waste of time for everyone.    I would anticipate practitioner hotline getting flooded in the upcoming weeks. 

I think we in the tax preparer community need to lobby for the FTB to correct this without our calling them.  When you contact the FTB please voice your concern on this issue. 


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