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February 10, 2017 • Krishnaveni M Nalla Kumar • Log In to Post Comments

Hi Lynn,

I have spent the last two days on the phone with MYFTB and they cannot help me. I have also chatted with them and sad to say, the chat reps want me to file a POA for every client that I plan to renew  which is ridiculous! I tried explaining that all I needed was tax preparer access and just wanted to renew the clients which were expiring.

I have a set of clients expiring on 2/21/17 and another set expiring on 2/25/17. For all these clients, I cannot see the RENEW link in the Action column. However, I have seen this link about 2 weeks ago and just didn’t renew it since I had time and planned  to do it at least 10 days before expiration date. For clients expiring from March onwards, I see the renew link.

I called MYFTB yesterday(2/9/17). The rep from MYFTB yesterday said she will check with Technical support and call me back and never did.

This morning(2/10/17) I spoke to Josh at Station 1214 . He put me on hold for a few minutes and kept checking with technical support and finally told me that I needed POA. I explained to him that I just needed Tax Preparer access and then he put me on hold again and this time told me that their technical support said that I have no choice but to add all the clients again! I don’t understand why because these clients were added last year and all I need to do is renew them at least 10 days before expiration date to have continuos access.

A few of us at the office are facing the same issue.WE know you can help make FTB understand this and solve the technical glitch. We all attended the SPidell fed and CA tax update seminar and are very clear about the MYFTB process.




Krish Kumar



We are checking on it.


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