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ACA certification of eligibility for health care assistance

February 11, 2017 • William Turner • Log In to Post Comments

What form or from what source does an employer receive "certification" of an employee having enrolled in a plan and for which that employee is quailfied for an applicable premium tax credit, or cost-sharing reduction? The liability of an employer, an ALE, for the penalty for not prividing minuimum essential coverage is predicated on receiving such cerrification.



The certificate is simply proof of insurance that is provided by the insurer.  The insured employee should simply be able to request a copy of of their certificate of coverage from their health insurance provider, which is not a federal tax form.

Thank you. So you are saying that the employer (my client is an ALE that does not provide coverage) must get every employee to request a certificate from his / her insurance provider? And what if certain employees do not follow through and what if one or more of those that do not follow through is an employee that qualifies for "health coverage assistance", subjecting my client to the associated penalties?


Yes, unfortunately your client is looking at a headache and there is no good answer.

Thank you.


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