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Bronze and SLCS for Covered Ca and Marketplace Affordabiltiy

February 13, 2017 • Mary Cheek • Log In to Post Comments

Where can we find the bronze and slcs plans, for covered ca and to be able to detemine if the coverage was affordable?  lat year we coul go to covered ca and get the last year info, this year , there is only 2017 there.



Lynn, thanks, but I know how to calculate the penalty.  what i am looking for , is the option to calucalte the silver and bronze plans cost , for 2016, based on thier income and zip and family size.  We were abe to find this on CoveredCa.Com, last year, for the prior year. Now, we can not get 2016 rates, only 2017.  We need these costs to be albe to calcualte whether the insruance was conisdered affordable or not.  We absolutly need this info from califnora, and they are not providing it to us.  We have to be the insurance police, but they are not providing the tools we need.

Mary, has provided a tax tool to find this information for 2016. Follow the link below and click on the "2016 tax tool," and then click on the "get started" button under the Claim an "affordability" exemption.  It will then ask you what you need information and then will ask for zip code and other information.


thanks, but that doesnt work either.  It ends up taking you to the covered Ca website, which doesnt have 2016 info. 


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