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LLC property in Hawaii in receivership

February 14, 2017 • Laura Stark • Log In to Post Comments

Our client is an LLC. All of the members of the LLC are California residents.  The LLC's  only asset is a piece of real estate in Hawaii.  The property is in receivership. Receiver and property management company are both in Hawaii and make all decisions related to the property.  Because the property is in receivership, the members have no control over the property and have not received or paid anything other than paying for the returns to be filed. Does the LLC have a CA filing requirement?


Because the members are CA residents, the LLC must file Form 568 and pay the $800 because it's the property but not the LLC is in receivership. It is possible Ralite might apply so you might consider filing but not paying if at the end of the day Ralite applies to the tmembers.


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