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IHSS W2 question

February 15, 2017 • Christina Rivas • Log In to Post Comments

I have a client who both the husband and the wife get paid to care for their disabled daughter who is 30 in their home. 

First question - IHSS payments are not taxable. Do we need any verification from the state to show they received the medicare waiver?

Second question - one of the w2s has wages shown in box 1,3 amd 5 - the other one only has income in box 1...wondering if anyone has come accross this for these types of payments and may shed some light. Just want to insure these are truely IHSS payments and not taxable.

Thank you!!



In California, Medicaid waiver payments are payments from the In-Home Supportive Services Program (IHSS). (

I'm not sure what the difference is but you might check the website.


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