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2019-15: IHSS payments are earned income for Earned Income Tax Credit

The Tax Court has ruled that income that a taxpayer excluded from gross income pursuant to IRS Notice 2014-7, which treats qualified Medicaid waiver payments as excludable as foster care payments, is earned income for the purposes of calculating eligibility under the Earned Income Credit and Additional Child Tax Credit. (Feigh v. Comm. (2019) 152 TC 15)

File amended federal returns for clients who qualify. Although California follows Notice 2014-7, it is unclear if the Tax Court’s decision will impact the California Earned Income Tax Credit because California also requires that the earned income be subject to state withholding. (R&TC §17052(c)(3)(A))

Complete information on this ruling will be available to subscribers of Spidell’s California Taxletter and Spidell’s Federal Taxletter.