2020-61: Penalty relief for CCH users - Spidell

2020-61: Penalty relief for CCH users

Both the IRS and the FTB are granting penalty relief to taxpayers whose returns were filed late due to the CCH outage on September 15.

The IRS issued a memorandum stating that they will treat any returns (and elections filed with those returns) that were impacted by the outage as timely filed if the taxpayer successfully e-filed the return by September 17, 2020.

The FTB has stated that they are working closely with CCH to identify and properly process the affected taxpayer returns as timely. Due to the timing in being notified of the issue and the process of identifying the impacted taxpayers, many of these returns have completed processing. As a result, the FTB is taking additional steps to resolve the issue and ensure each return receives the timely filed date of September 15.

There is no action necessary by the taxpayer or their representative to correct this issue with either the IRS or the FTB.

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