2023-28: Changes coming to FTB’s secure file transfer system (SWIFT)

The FTB uses the Secure Web Internet File Transfer (SWIFT) system to transmit and receive confidential information to and from taxpayers and their tax professionals. This system is used by tax professionals to e-file returns and information returns with the FTB that are not currently part of the Combined Federal/State Filing Program.

Starting July 11, 2023, the FTB is initiating two major changes to SWIFT:

  • It will delete files from the system after 30 days (currently 90 days); and
  • It will require all new passwords and renewed passwords to be 15 characters long (currently nine characters long) and meet the following requirements:
    • Not be the same as your previous 12 passwords (currently 24 passwords);
    • Not be similar to your current password;
    • Not be similar to your login name;
    • Not be similar to your name;
    • Not be similar to commonly used passwords;
    • Contain all four (previously at least three) of these character types:
      • Upper alpha;
      • Lower alpha;
      • Numeric; and
      • Special character;
    • Not contain a character pattern like “abcde”; and
    • Not contain more than two sets of repeating characters.

As before, SWIFT passwords must be renewed annually.

Tax professionals may e-mail any questions to the FTB’s SWIFT program:


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