2023–2024 property tax exemption income levels

Certain properties are entitled to a property tax exemption of an amount equal to the percentage of the property serving low-income, elderly, and handicapped households, and low-income tribal housing.1

The BOE has released the 2023–2024 income levels, which qualify certain properties for these exemptions.

The income charts (and qualifying requirements for the exemptions) can be found at:

The exemption from property tax is available only to the extent that the household incomes of families do not exceed the specified limits, and the rents are within the prescribed limits in the statute or regulatory agreement.

Questions regarding the income levels and the exemptions can be directed to the BOE’s County-Assessed Properties Division at:

(916) 274-3350

1 BOE Letters to County Assessors Nos. 2023/024, 2023/025, 2023/026