California film and television credit application window expanded

The California Film Commission (CFC) has expanded the June 2022 application window under the California Film & Tax Credit Program 3.0 to include new tv series, mini-series, and pilots (previously, it was limited to recurring and relocating tv series). (Tax Credit Program 3.0 Application, California Film Commission (May 1, 2022))

For new tv projects, eligible types of tv projects include new tv series (40 program minutes minimum), tv pilots, and mini-series; a pick-up order, required for eligible new tv series and pilots, must be submitted by the end of Phase II. For relocating tv series, a “television series that relocates to California” means a television series, without regard to episode length or initial media exhibition, with a minimum production budget of $1 million per episode that both filmed at least 75% of principal photography days for at least one episode outside of California and has not filmed more than 25% of principal photography days for any episode inside of California.

The dates of the June 2022 application window are unchanged:

  • Application: June 13–15, 2022;
  • Phase II: June 16–20, 2022; and
  • Approval Date: July 18, 2022.