California partial conformity bill and IRS reform bills enacted - Spidell

California partial conformity bill and IRS reform bills enacted

The Governor and the President have signed the following bills:

AB 91, which provides partial conformity to the following TCJA provisions, among others:

  • The repeal of the NOL carryback;
  • Like-kind exchanges (with modifications); and
  • Limitation on losses for noncorporate taxpayers (with modifications).

H.R. 3151, the Taxpayer First Act (a.k.a., the IRS reform and reorganization bill) which among other things will:

  • Provide uniform electronic signature requirements;
  • Increase the late-filing penalties;
  • Authorize payments by credit cards: and
  • Lower the threshold for filing electronic information returns.

The full text of the bills can be found at:

AB 91:

H.R. 3151:

Get complete information concerning both of these bills at
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