CDTFA sends confidential information to wrong taxpayers

In what is being called a "glitch," the CDTFA sent sales tax prepayment reminders to the wrong businesses. The e-mails were sent to 72,000 e-mail accounts Tuesday night. Unfortunately, a technical error caused some people to get the e-mail 10 times for the same taxpayer, and others received account information for eight businesses other than their own.

The e-mails contained only the business's name, account number, and an access code. Fortunately, the only thing anyone can do with this information is make a payment. The information does not enable the recipient to access another business's account information. So, the CDTFA believes there will not be an identity theft or fraud issue.

By noon on Wednesday, the CDTFA had deactivated the access codes that were initially sent out, and reassigned new codes to the taxpayers. The CDTFA will contact all affected businesses by phone or e-mail. This includes both the businesses that received the e-mail as well as those who had their information sent to another business.