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Covered California releases Tax Preparer Toolkit

We are pleased to announce that after numerous request that Covered California provide critical information about California’s penalty for failing to have health insurance, Covered California has created The Tax Preparer Toolkit, an online resource to provide tax professionals an easy guide to Covered California.

The Tax Preparer Toolkit includes:

  • High-level introduction of Covered California and the 2020 individual mandate including available exemptions and the new state subsidy;
  • FTB Estimator (Potential Tax Penalty Calculator);
  • Online enrollment assistance resources (Help On Demand and Storefront Finder);
  • Qualifying life events; and
  • Shop and Compare Tool.

You may access the Toolkit at:

We hope that tax professionals and taxpayers use this resource to compute a potential penalty for failure to have health insurance for California taxpayers and their California dependents.

Remember, individuals may still sign up for Covered California until April 30, 2020, in order to avoid/minimize any penalties for failing to have minimum essential health care coverage.