Expedited access to MyFTB is now available

Individuals and tax professionals can now register for MyFTB without waiting for a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to be sent via mail.

Beginning February 4, 2022, individuals and tax professionals may choose how to activate their MyFTB account using this new process. They may either continue to have a PIN letter mailed using the existing service, or may choose to be verified through TransUnion, a third party credit agency, by answering personal questions for instant access.

The registrant can provide additional information during registration, like their complete address, date of birth, phone number, etc. and answer questions specific to their personal information. These questions will be similar to other online applications that ask things like “What’s your monthly mortgage payment?” or “Which of the following phone numbers are you associated with?” or “Which of the following street addresses have you lived at?” If they pass the validation questions, they’ll be able to establish their MyFTB account right away.

If the registrant is unable to obtain TransUnion verification, they will instead receive the PIN letter in the mail. Business representatives creating a MyFTB account to access business entities will not have the option for instant access; they will continue to receive a PIN letter in the mail.