FTB erroneously mails duplicate notices to taxpayers with nonwage withholding credits

On September 11, 2018, the FTB mailed 12,491 duplicate FTB 4686, Nonwage Withholding Credits – No Tax Return on File, Annual Notices to 5,797 taxpayers for tax year 2014. Taxpayers are advised to disregard the duplicate notices. (FTB Public Service Bulletin 18.38)

Each year, the FTB mails FTB 4686 to notify certain taxpayers that have not filed a California tax return that they may have nonwage withholding credits available. The notice advises them that they should:

  • File a return to claim their withholding credit; or
  • If they have previously filed a California income tax return for the associated tax year, they should mail a copy of the tax return with all withholding statements and attach a copy of the notice.