FTB extends alternative signature options

The FTB will no longer require wet signatures on paper returns and most other documents. The FTB will accept paper tax returns and other documents, except for power of attorney (POAs) and tax information authorization (TIAs), using certain alternative signature options. (FTB Public Service Bulletin, October 12, 2023) 

As part of the COVID-19 relief, the FTB had temporarily allowed alternative signatures during the period April 1, 2020, through October 31, 2023. This relief is now permanent. 

For all returns and documents other than POA declarations and TIA forms, taxpayers and their tax professionals may submit photocopied, faxed, or scanned copy of the signature page with original signatures. Taxpayers can also upload a document with original signatures into MyFTB; however, only PDF and Excel documents are currently accepted. 

When a photocopied, faxed, or scanned document has been submitted to FTB, the taxpayer is to retain the original and make it available to FTB upon request.