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FTB notices: the floodgates are opening soon

May 26, 2017

Like they’ve done in past years, the FTB stopped sending most notices to taxpayers while waiting for payments sent around the April filing deadline to be processed. The hold began the week of March 20, but the notices will start up again in the last week of May and the mailings will continue through June.

The FTB is sending approximately 1.3 million notices and the release of the notices has been scheduled on a flow basis to match expected call volumes with available call center staffing.

Notices being sent include:

  • Notice of Tax Return Change and Statement of Tax Due (including electronically filed returns with paper payments);
  • Personal and Business Filing Enforcement requests;
  • Demands to file a return;
  • Notices of Proposed Assessment; and
  • Head of Household and other letter-type audit notices. 

This mass mailing is in addition to FTB’s normal ongoing billing notices.

That being said, because of the volume of notices and bills going out, it may be difficult to reach the FTB. So, we recommend going to the FTB’s website to check out the current wait times before calling.

  • Go to and click on “Know our wait times” on the right side of the home page under the “Featured” heading;
  • Then click the “Contact” tab on the right side under Time Frames.

Here is a direct link:

You’ll see expected wait times for customer service, the hotline, MyFTB Secure Chat, and General Chat.

Notice that the toll free customer service line gives you the option of getting a call back, but the Practitioner Hotline does not. Our experience is that you would want to call first thing in the morning — 8 AM — on a weekday. But even then, don’t be surprised if you have to wait or you have to call back.


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