FTB temporary partnership ID numbers are not required for most taxpayers

We’ve had numerous questions regarding whether taxpayers must use the temporary partnership ID numbers, how to locate the numbers if their clients have lost the FTB notice that provided the temporary ID numbers, and how to enter the temporary ID numbers on the returns. Below is the FTB’s response to our questions:

  1. Currently we require both the Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) and Secretary of State (SOS) number. This change was made to ensure FTB received the most accurate data to implement the first year tax exemption for Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies under AB 85. However after review with our eFile vendors, we are currently in the process of making the SOS number optional to allow for more flexibility in eFile acceptance. This change should be in effect within the next 10 business days. This change would allow for entities that file the 565 form only to provide their FEIN to file or pay similar to previous versions of this service.
  2. The FTB temporary ID number is not required for the current filing season. If a taxpayer/tax professional would like to locate their temporary number if the taxpayer lost the number, they can locate it via MyFTB by looking at the current client list or by contacting the FTB customer service call center at (800) 852-5711 or the Tax Practitioner Hotline at (916) 845-7057. However, if you need to add a client or create a new MyFTB account for a non-registered partnership, you will need to use the FTB issued temporary ID number.
  3. To include the FTB temporary ID number on an electronically filed return, you would select the Not Applicable option, choose “other,” and enter the number. However, check your software provider to see if they offer this option.