FTB’s Notice-Based Self-Service option expanded

In early 2023, the FTB introduced Notice-Based Self-Service (NBSS) which provides taxpayers and tax representatives the option to respond to notices via a URL on the notice. (FTB Tax News (November 2023)) This response method is in available addition to the usual methods of mail, phone, or through a MyFTB account. NBSS does not require the taxpayer or representative to have a MyFTB account; they only need to follow the directions on the notice and respond using the new NBSS online process.

If the taxpayer has the option to respond using NBSS, there will be an “Electronic Upload” option under “Send Documents” on the notice. The URL will be available for timely responses only, as indicated for the type of notice the taxpayer receives. After submission, the taxpayer or representative will receive a confirmation number validating a response has been sent.

In October 2023, the FTB expanded NBSS to include additional notices and will continue to expand the number of notices available for the NBSS online process over the next few years.