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New 30-day deferral option available to MyFTB users

September 25, 2017

Beginning today, MyFTB users may request a 30-day deferral Quick Resolution option for Individual Filing Enforcement Notices of Proposed Assessments. This option is only available for individuals at this time. This option gives the taxpayer the opportunity to defer assessment of tax when the FTB has requested that a return be filed. This will provide additional time to gather records and see if a return was already filed or if there is actually a filing requirement.

A new button has been added to the Response to Proposed Assessment section, "I do not wish to protest — I request a 30-day deferral to file the required valid tax return," in instances in which the deferral option is available. When this option is selected, the updated due date to file will appear. 

Note: To protest or respond to a proposed assessment online, you must have an active POA for the year of the assessment. If you do not have an active POA, your client may submit the deferral or quick resolution worksheet online by logging on to their own MyFTB account or contacting the FTB toll-free number. You may only take action on this FTB notice for a client for whom you have an active POA.


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