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New form lists active POAs

Beginning in September 2021, the FTB will send to all taxpayers that have an active POA declaration new Form FTB 3912, Power of Attorney – Active Representatives on File. This letter provides a list of all active POA representative relationships on a taxpayer’s account.

Form FTB 3912 will keep taxpayers informed of their POA relationships, the level of online access (limited or full) each representative has in MyFTB, and the expiration date of the declaration.

Taxpayers should not return the Form FTB 3912 to the FTB for the purpose of revoking a POA. To revoke a POA, either the taxpayer or representative must take one of the following actions:

  • Log in to MyFTB to view, edit, or revoke the POA declaration(s)
  • Call the FTB at (800) 852-5711 and reference the associated Declaration ID number; or
  • Send the FTB a completed Form FTB 3520 RVK, Power of Attorney Declaration Revocation.