Option to receive text messages from the FTB

Taxpayers can elect to receive text message alerts from the FTB by selecting this option in their MyFTB account. The FTB will send text messages to the taxpayer when the following activities occur in MyFTB:

  • A new notice or document is available;
  • The FTB approved a new Tax Information Authorization (TIA) relationship or approved a tax professional’s request to renew the TIA;
  • A tax professional submitted a Power of Attorney (POA) declaration for approval;
  • A tax professional with a TIA or POA relationship requested full online access to the taxpayer’s MyFTB account and the request is pending the taxpayer’s approval; and
  • Updates were made to contact preferences such as add, change, or remove SMS text notifications.

Individuals and tax professional representatives can manage the text message notifications through MyFTB, including the option to receive text messages, the ability to change which number receives the texts, or the option stop receiving text messages.

The FTB does not send text messages asking for personal or financial information or account numbers. If a taxpayer did not request to receive text messages from FTB, they are advised not to click any links contained in those text messages. Suspicious texts can be reported at: