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The FTB is sending requests to confirm tax return filing

May 17, 2017

The FTB has seen a dramatic rise in returns that look like potential identity theft due to the increase in employer and tax professional data breaches this year, which has caused them to issue more Forms FTB 3904, Request to Confirm Tax Return Filing.

This notice is sent if the FTB highly suspects the likelihood of identity theft. Instead of sending or faxing the requested documentation, the FTB recommends calling the number on the notice immediately: (916) 845-7088. The FTB employee may be able to ask certain questions to help validate the taxpayer filed the return in order to allow the refund. If the FTB employee is not able to validate over the phone, they may require the documentation to be sent. We don't suggest mailing the information because of the time lag with mailed correspondence.

The FTB is also sending Forms FTB 4734D, Request for Tax Information and Documents, when there is a question as to the taxpayer's identity. If your client receives on of these notices, we also recommend that you call the number on the notice.

Do not call the practitioner hotline, or the toll-free number, to respond to either Form 3904 or Form 4734D.


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