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Upcoming BOE Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights hearing

The BOE is notifying taxpayers of the upcoming Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights Hearing on August 27, 2019. The hearing, held in accordance with R&TC §§5906 and 32563, pertains to property taxes and the alcoholic beverage tax. (Letter to Assessors No. 2019/019)

With respect to the alcoholic beverage tax, individuals may present their ideas and recommendations regarding legislation to improve voluntary compliance and the relationship between taxpayers and government. Individuals may also present their concerns regarding the quality of agency services, and other issues related to the Board’s administration of its tax programs, including state and county property taxes, alcoholic beverage tax, and tax on insurers.

Additional information on the Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights Office and Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights Hearings can be accessed on the BOE website at: www.boe.ca.gov/tra/ and www.boe.ca.gov/meetings/heartra.htm.

You can access LTA 2019/019 at: www.boe.ca.gov/proptaxes/pdf/lta19019.pdf.

Lisa Thompson was appointed as the State Board of Equalization’s Taxpayers’ Right Advocate in January 2018, and she can be reached at:

Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate
State Board of Equalization
450 N Street, MIC 120
PO Box 942879
Sacramento, CA 94279-0120

(916) 327-2217