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Updated CDTFA company identification numbers

Sales and use taxpayers who have an ACH debit block set up with their bank should be aware that as of August 12, 2019, the CDTFA moved certain special tax and fee accounts into the new online services system. (CDTFA Special Notice L-696, August 2019) Taxpayers who plan on making tax or fee payments online and have an ACH debit block on their bank account must inform the financial institution of the CDTFA’s Company Identification Numbers to avoid having the payment rejected.

The CDTFA currently has three different Company Identification Numbers: 2822162215, 1822162215, and 1282435088. When contacting the financial institution, the taxpayer must provide all three CDTFA Company Identification Numbers so a payment can be processed timely and does not get rejected.

Contact the CDTFA’s Customer Service Center at (800) 400-7115 with any questions.