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Spidell's Analysis and Explanation of California Taxes® 2018 Edition (The Big Blue Answer Book™)

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Your most reliable and essential how-to tax guide (For preparing 2017 tax returns)

Spidell's Analysis and Explanation of California Taxes® (The Big Blue Answer Book™) is easy to understand and extensively cited. With this hands-on manual, you'll get coherent analysis, links to regulations, practical examples, and detailed directories indispensable to any California tax professional. Here are some of the topics that are new for the 2018 edition:

  • Includes a discussion of California conformity to Tax Reform (print subscribers will receive an insert)
  • Learn about the new FTB POA forms and filing information because you may no longer use IRS POA forms
  • See the sales and use and excise taxes that apply to cannabis and cannabis products
  • Learn the new appeals processes for income, franchise, and sales and use tax
  • Get information on the new self-certification form for IHSS workers to claim the exemption
  • Know how and when an LLC must pay the Nonresident Member Consent tax and avoid penalties
  • Get an expanded analysis of the Other State Tax Credit, including new information on the Revised Texas Franchise Tax
  • See which updates were made to MyFTB in 2017 and January 2018 and expected changes coming summer of 2018
  • Know what changes were made to the sales and use tax exemption for manufacturing and R&D equipment

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What you get

  • FTB — An exhaustive review of conformity for individuals and businesses, and new LLC and corporate issues
  • BOE — A comprehensive discussion of taxable and exempt sales and how to register and file
  • EDD — Practical information on filing, payment, and worker classification
  • Property tax — An analysis of change of ownership rules and penalties

Guarantee of excellence

You must be happy with your purchase of Spidell's Analysis & Explanation of California Taxes® (The Big Blue Answer Book™). If ever you are not entirely satisfied, you may receive a full refund of your purchase price.

Reliable and essential

Download a sample "Quick Guide to California Nonconformity", one of The Big Blue Answer Book's most popular features.

For Californians, by Californians

"The Big Blue Answer Book™ is a quick, up-to-date reference for those tricky rules and regs."

— Skylar Dubrow, CPA; Westlake Village, CA

"The Analysis & Explanation of California Taxes is the most thorough California tax guidebook available. It covers far more than any other publication, and is well researched and reviewed every year."

— Bill Frederick, EA; Glendale, CA

The practical California guidebook

Watch a Spidell staff member use The Big Blue Answer Book™ to answer real tax questions from our message board.

Use The Big Blue Book online

Order online access and use our Research Corner to find accurate answers quickly. Director of Editorial, Kathryn Zdan, EA, shows you how.

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