Spidell’s Analysis & Explanation of California Taxes® 2023 Edition (The Big Blue Answer Book®)


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Spidell’s Analysis & Explanation of California Taxes® 2023 Edition (The Big Blue Answer Book®)

The most complete and best-priced California tax guide

Here are 5 reasons why The Big Blue Answer Book® is the guide you want to use:

  1. Be current: Your book and online service are updated throughout the year to incorporate major changes
  2. Get all your questions answered using the lowest priced, highest quality California tax guide available
  3. Use it as your reliable roadmap that includes all California tax agencies. See how laws work, how to file forms, and how to fix problems
  4. Don’t just get a rehash of federal law or California publications — get insightful analysis, helpful examples, plus conformity traps and treasures
  5. Most important: Your Spidell’s Analysis & Explanation of California Taxes® is written for California tax pros by trusted California experts

Get the 2023 edition where you’ll get a complete discussion of the passthrough entity elective tax and corresponding credit:

  • Know the June 15 prepayment rules and which forms to use to make payments of the tax
  • Learn what constitutes a qualified entity, qualified income, and a qualified taxpayer for purposes of the tax
  • Get details on the interplay between the tax and nonresident withholding
  • See how the passthrough entity elective tax credit can reduce estimated tax payments

Plus, you’ll get up-to-date legislation and analysis with practical advice on preparing forms, facing an audit, abating penalties — you name it. Here are some of the key updates:

  • See who qualifies for California’s Middle Class Tax Refund and how these payments will be treated
  • Find out about California’s long-awaited first-time penalty abatement program
  • Understand when California may tax a sale of a partnership interest by a nonresident
  • Learn about the FTB’s new look-through approach for sourcing revenues for subcontractors
  • See how to dispute a CalSavers penalty
  • Get further updates to Proposition 19 base-year value transfers and parent–child transfers
  • Understand retailers’ new collection and remittance responsibilities for cannabis taxes

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I love the Blue Book — it’s my California ‘bible’. Rather than messing around on the internet, I like grabbing the Blue Book, finding what I need, and marking for future reference.
— Jean Osterloh;
Orange Tax and Business Services

What you get

  • FTB — An exhaustive review of conformity for individuals and businesses, and new LLC and corporate issues
  • BOE — A comprehensive discussion of taxable and exempt sales and how to register and file
  • EDD — Practical information on filing, payment, and worker classification
  • Property tax — An analysis of change of ownership rules and penalties

Guarantee of excellence

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Reliable and essential

Download a sample “Quick Guide to California Nonconformity”, one of The Big Blue Answer Book’s most popular features.

For Californians, by Californians

“The Analysis & Explanation of California Taxes is the most thorough California tax guidebook available. It covers far more than any other publication, and is well researched and reviewed every year.”

— Bill Frederick, EA; Glendale, CA

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