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Enjoying Spidell's Tax Season Tribune? Obviously, you're here because this week's issue of Tax Season Tribune wasn't enough for you. Click the links below to access Tribune issues of tax seasons past.

Contributing Writers

Lynn Freer, EA, is a French literature major, so of course her favorite vacation destination is France. Here she is dining on mussels and fish stew near Nice.

Renée Rodda, J.D., when not speaking, writing, or helping Spidell customers, enjoys travelling with her husband and riding her horses, Eli and Ava.

Kathryn Zdan, EA, meets with an all-female photography group once a month and also spends her free time watching classic and foreign movies. Her dream is to recreate the pie fight scene from The Great Race.

Diane Fuller is a woman of many talents which include writing children’s poetry, taking unwitting challengers to town in poker, and whipping up Michelin-worthy dishes from scratch. Find her laughing with her two grandkids.

Sandy Weiner, J.D., as California editor, loves all things California. Whether it's hiking at Big Sur or playing at the beach in San Diego where she lives, Sandy takes full advantage of all that California has to offer as a way to clear her head after trying to comprehend and explain California's Revenue & Taxation Code.

Mike Giangrande, J.D., LL.M., is an Orange County native, and you can find him doing some backyard gardening, playing with his 3 kids, or daydreaming about tee-time while he's answering Message Board questions.

Austin Lewis loves classic rock, despite being born a few decades late, and he goes to more concerts than anyone else in the office. Here he is in Toronto last summer, recreating the cover photo from one of his favorite Rush albums.


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