April 12, 2015

Spidell's Tax Season Tribune: Farewell until 2016!

Well, this is it: the final issue of Spidell's 2015 Tax Season Tribune. Hopefully, we have provided you with some levity over the last few months. As one subscriber put it: "I love Tax Season Tribune. It's up with TMZ as my favorite tax season diversions."

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You're in the home stretch. We'll see you on the other side with more analysis, seminars, and breaking tax news.

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60 lines about 30 clients

Joyce is always running late
Church, tennis — she's so busy
Ed's never heard of e-mail
He still drives his ol' Tin Lizzie

Fred's an existentialist
He'd never keep a log
Jane claims her pot's medicinal
It's for her hyper dog

Mimi lost her W-2s
It's happened twice before
Suzanne's a libertarian
"Tax is theft" she'll proudly roar

John drops off a paper bag
His receipts mixed with his checks
Alice drops off nothing
"Same as last year, what the heck"

Adriana is so chatty
A meeting takes an hour
Alistair is aromatic
Does he ever take a shower?

Margie has her grizzled cat
Her Chevy and her pension
Carmichael's got a W-2
"I'm too busy, file an extension"

Ming's a real estate pro
Mah jong daily, Joy Luck Club
George can't find his W-2s
He'll use his final paystub

Judy just remarried Dave
He's her second and her fourth
Kitty needs it done today
Tomorrow she heads north

Vickie has her gambling loss
No receipts — she's out of luck
Dee kicked ol' Carl to the curb
Took his millions and his truck

David lives in Liverpool
"I've got no foreign account"
Jeff says his word is sacred
Like the Sermon on the Mount

Anita formed an LLC
Her best friend told her to
Nancy canceled once again
This time she has the flu

Carla says she donates lots
"Take the maximum amount"
Jennie pays her Nordstrom bill
From her corporate checking account

Thanks to Frank I just got served
He dodged his child support
Garth deducted everything
Twelve felonies and a tort

Joe just bought a brand new house
Financed with Daddy's debt
Carmichael is still busy
Says he cannot file just yet

Eric's gonna make it big
Works part time to get the gist
Angelina, you're so easy
I chose you to end this list

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Tax pro gets earful in morbid confession session

It was a typical client–tax pro conversation. The client came in looking for advice after receiving a foreclosure notice. That was when she also brought up the dead body that was in her home.1

A San Francisco tax pro tipped off the police to this situation last week, leading to an investigation that did turn up the mummified remains of the client's elderly mother. No foul play is suspected, and the client is getting treatment at a San Francisco hospital.

As the 2015 busy season comes to a close, you've likely seen things you wish you could un-see and heard things you would like to un-hear. In the last few weeks, we've covered tax pros getting head-butted and pistol whipped by clients, taxpayers deducting size 56N implants, and disgruntled citizens sending dog doo to the FTB. Certainly, we live in interesting times.

So here's to an enjoyable and relaxing off-season! Cheers!

1 7online.com

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A few fun facts about this week's writers:

Tim Hilger, CPATim Hilger, CPA, is busily preparing taxes today. Tim is a golf nut who has played courses in all 50 states and often reminisces about his younger days shredding on his bass guitar.

Kathryn Zdan, EAKathryn Zdan, EA, is not only director of the editorial department, she also "rocks the house" as a regular in curling bonspiels around the country.

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