Spidell's Tax Season Tribune: Farewell until 2021!

Well, this is it: the final issue of Spidell's 2020 Tax Season Tribune. Hopefully, we have provided you with some levity over the last few months, which seemed especially needed this tax season. We hope that we have given you some light while we've been in the middle of a storm of tax news that has been flooding us all over the past weeks.

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We'll see you on the other side with more analysis, webinars, and breaking tax news. And, next Sunday, Spidell's California Minute podcast comes back!

When (quarantined) in Rome

While walking my dog over the last few weeks, I've noticed an uptick in sidewalk chalk drawings, and particularly there seems to be a renewed interest in hopscotch. Because some of the hopscotch courts I've seen look a little dubious in terms of the creator knowing the rules, let's review this ancient game.

The earliest form dates back to Rome, and the basic gist is that players toss a small object into numbered triangles or a pattern of rectangles outlined on the ground and then hop or jump through the spaces to retrieve the object.1 You can't step on a line, miss a square, or lose your balance or you lose your turn. The first player to complete one course for every numbered square on the court wins the game.

In terms of the court itself, designs can vary, but it's usually composed of a series of linear squares interspersed with blocks of two lateral squares. But one English version is only linear, and a French version is a spiral. So I guess I've been too judgy about the ones I've seen around the Long Beach/Lakewood area.

When everything returns to that elusive-seeming "normal" and we're allowed to travel, here's a list of names for hopscotch from around the globe:

  • India: Kith-Kith
  • Spain: rayuela
  • Turkey: Seksek
  • Poland: klasy or pajac
  • Sweden: hoppa hage
  • Bosnia, Croatia, and Serbia: školica
  • Malaysia: tengteng
  • Mexico: bebeleche or avioncito
  • France: marelle
  • Germany, Austria, and Switzerland: Himmel und Hölle

Oh, and here's a picture of an ambitious addition to the streets of Placentia by Lynn's grandchildren. They have hidden talents.

1 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hopscotch


We're deep into the quarantine
My TP stash is growing lean
Unlike my ever-spreading (m)ass
A COVID casualty, alas

Storing food is now a trick
If healthful veggies are your shtick
Our tastes have changed say all the pros
From quinoa, kale to Oreos

Long hair and beards are now a plus
Cuz grooming's just not worth the fuss
Shaving hair has lost its charms
Including legs and underarms

Fashion has gone retro, raw
In '60s style I've burned my bra
Pajamas and loose sweatpants rule
Designer masks will be what's cool

Sanitize and scrub your hands
And scrub, as well, vacation plans
Since bath to kitchen we're confined
What counts as fun is redefined

So binge watch now without a care
Bring on the popcorn, fix your stare
There's "Ozark" and there's "Tiger King"
If blood and mayhem are your thing

How much longer must we deal
Til "Go To Meeting" is for real?
The guidelines grow more harsh and strict
But follow along, and we'll get this licked

So says the Queen, we'll meet again
Forget hydroxychloroquine
We'll shave and wear our skinny jeans
And leave behind these quarantines

A few fun facts about this week's writers:

Kathryn Zdan, EAKathryn Zdan, EA, is obsessed with true crime documentaries and photography. On weekends, you can find her around Wilmington photographing the refineries and eating at The Chowder Barge.

Diane FullerDiane Fuller loves to read, cook, and go to Ketchum/Sun Valley, Idaho, as many times as possible during the year with her family including grandkids and dogs.

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