Not a peep from the Just Born factory

Like most other businesses, the Just Born production line has halted for the time being, but Peep enthusiasts (and those who still eat Mike & Ikes and Hot Tamales) don't have to worry.1 The company had already fulfilled and shipped its orders for Easter 2020.

There are five new flavors this year:2 Froot Loops, Hot Tamales Fierce Cinnamon, Raspberry Dipped in Crème Fudge, Root Beer Float, and Chocolate Pudding. Just Born also unveiled Peeps-flavored jelly beans and individually wrapped mini-Peeps.

While it's uncertain when hatching will resume (allegedly April 7 is the day), workers at the factory take their jobs seriously and recently won a benefit dispute with Big Marshmallow regarding withheld pension benefits.3 Power to the peeps.

Photo credit: Q Family

Some haiku for you

Here's some work-from-home haiku, from Spidell staffers:

Home, my new office
Forever in pajamas
Work, eat, sleep, repeat
— Austin Lewis, Managing Editor

Cats like my laptop
I'm trying to work from home
Cats don't care 'bout that
— Leslie Christopher, Senior CSR/Administrative Assistant

TP stash is lean
Quickly order some online
June delivery
— Diane Fuller, Guest Contributor

I work from my den
With my makeup and hair done
But without shoes on
— Lynn Freer, President

Bomb Pop for breakfast
Work/life spaces are blending
...and what day is it?
— Kathryn Zdan, Editorial Director

AB 5: Online resources

It feels like a million years have passed since AB 5 was on everyone's minds. Here's a quick update on some new resources.

The FTB has developed a gig economy web page that they will update as more information becomes available:

The California Labor and Workforce Development Agency created a web page with resources for workers and employers:

A few fun facts about this week's writers:

Kathryn Zdan, EAKathryn Zdan, EA, is obsessed with true crime documentaries and photography. On weekends, you can find her around Wilmington photographing the refineries and eating at The Chowder Barge.

Lynn Freer, EALynn Freer, EA, is a French literature major, so of course her favorite vacation destination is France. Here she is dining on mussels and fish stew near Nice.

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