2024-12: FTB sending letters about Middle Class Tax Refund debit cards

The FTB is sending Middle Class Tax Refund (MCTR) debit card recipients who have not activated their cards an activation reminder letter that includes instructions on how taxpayers can activate their debit cards. These letters have generated questions about whether they are fraudulent.

If your client received a letter from the FTB that states “Activate your Middle Class Tax Refund Card now,” and directs them to call (800) 240-0223 or visit https://mctrpayment.com/, the letter is legitimate.

The MCTR program distributed over 16.8 million payments to provide relief to Californians beginning in 2022. However, the FTB has noted that there are many MCTR debit card recipients who have not yet activated their MCTR cards or who have not used their MCTR funds. The cards were mailed by Money Network between October 2022 and October 2023.

Funds are available for a limited time and must be used before the program expires on April 30, 2026.

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