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On-Demand Webinars Tax Acctng Information Technology Fraud Personal Development Regulatory Ethics Business Mgmt and Org Auditing Ethics Fed Update Fed Tax Fed Update CA Fed Tax General MCLE/Tax Specialization
2021/22 Federal and California Tax Update Webinar 86626.75
2021/22 Federal Tax Update Webinar 8886.75
2020/21 Federal and California Tax Update Webinar 86626.75
Spidell’s Trust Webinar Series Up to 14Up to 14Up to 14Up to 11
2020/21 Federal Only Tax Update Webinar 8886.75
2021 Post-Tax Season Update and Review Webinar 8886.75
2021 Summer Tax Webinar 8886.75
2020 Post-Tax Season Update and Review 8886.75
2020 Summer Tax: Nonresidents, Real Property Transactions, Choice of Entity, and K-1 Reporting 86266.75
2020 Practical Accounting Update 8
AB 5 Update: Legislation and Audits 221.5
Advanced Planning with Trusts 2221.5
Amending CPAR Returns 2221.5
American Rescue Plan: Tax Implications 111.75
Asset Protection in the Age of COVID-19 2221.5
Audit Proofing your 2020 Return 2221.5
Basic Estate and Trust Tax Preparation 4443.25
Business Interest Limitation after the CARES Act 2221.5
California Taxation of Multistate Businesses 221.5
Choice of Entity and COD 2221.5
Complex IRA Issues 21111.75
Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 111.75
Critical California Tax Issues 443.5
Cryptocurrency Tax Compliance in the Post $30,000 Bitcoin World 2221.5
Data Privacy & Security — Best Practices 2
Divorce at the Movies 111.75
Divorce Tax Planning (2021) 2221.5
Federal and State Residency Issues 2221.5
The Final 1041 for an Estate (Not a Trust) 2221.5
Fundamentals of Fraud Prevention & Detection (2020) 4
Fundamentals of Fraud Prevention & Detection (2021) 4
Handling Partnership Examinations 2221.5
High Net Worth Audits 2221.5
Holding Title and Real Estate Succession Options 2221.5
IRC §199A Fundamentals 2221.5
K-1 Reporting 2221.5
Life Cycle of a California Corporation (2021) 21111.5
Life Cycle of California LLCs and Partnerships (2021) 21111.5
The Life of an Estate Tax Case: Tips and Strategies for Audit, Appeal, and Tax Court 2221.5
The Mindful Tax Professional 2
Net Operating Losses and Amended Returns 2221.5
Nonresidents: How to Become One and What’s Taxable 221.5
Overview of Trusts (2020) 4443.25
Pension and Retirement Plans: New Choices for Employers 2221.5
Plan While Preparing Tax Returns 2221.5
Real Property Transactions 2221.5
Regulatory Review: Practicing Within the Law (2021) 4
Retirement Distribution Strategies 2221.5
Sale of Residence from A to Z (2021) 2221.5
Selling Your Practice 11111.5
Small Business Audits — Top Tips 2
Spidell’s 2021 4-Hour CPA Ethics 4
Spidell’s Quarterly Tax Update® On-Demand Webinar 2 each2 each2 each1.5 each
SSARS — Reviews, Compilations & Preparation Services — A Deep Dive 4
Taxation of Cannabis: Overcoming Tax Challenges in Marijuana Business Operations, Key Planning Techniques 2221.5