FTB updates Top 500 list

On January 26, the FTB posted an updated list of its Top 500 Tax Delinquencies, which it is required by law to post twice each year. The list includes the 500 largest personal and corporate tax delinquencies in excess of $100,000. The newest Top 500 Delinquent Taxpayers list includes individuals and businesses; the individual debtors collectively owe the state $246 million, and the businesses collectively owe the state $38.5 million.  

Taxpayers on the list face the following consequences: 

  • Some of the taxpayer’s professional or occupational license may be suspended; 
  • The taxpayer’s driver license may be suspended; 
  • State agencies will not enter into contracts with the taxpayer to acquire goods or services; and 
  • The taxpayer’s name, address, and tax debt will be publicly available. 

The lists are available at: