Tribune: Don’t blame me, it’s A.I.’s fault

It’s the dawn of artificial intelligence (or A.I. for short) and the beginning of the end of actual intelligence. Every industry is experimenting with and developing A.I. tools, but who’s to blame when A.I. screws up?

Recently, Air Canada tried arguing in a court of law that they weren’t liable for their customer service A.I. chatbot giving a customer incorrect information regarding its bereavement travel policies. Thankfully the court didn’t let Air Canada escape liability for its own creation.

But have no fear, there is sure to be endless creative legal arguments in this decade and the next as businesses try to automate and argue that it’s not their fault when their monster fails to deliver as promised. At the very least, it should provide some good reading (for those of us who still can).

How many of us have lamented the lack of decent help and the rise of the growing social media “influencer” army. An entire generation full of people sprinting into stupidity as fast as they can. Well, it won’t be long until skilled work is entirely automated. I am afraid that Mike Judge’s Idiocracy will become a reality, and much faster than the 500 years he predicted it would take.