Tribune: Legislate this!

Since we inadvertently ended up with a theme to this week’s Tribune, it makes sense to ask: If you could introduce a tax bill into your state’s Legislature, what would it be?

Suggestions from inside Spidell include:

  1. If client paperwork is not submitted by February 1, 50% of any refund goes to the preparer.
  2. For a 0% unemployment rate and zero wait time, any unemployed individuals are to be hired and trained as state tax agency phone operators.
  3. To close the budget shortfall once and for all, California is going to impose a “selfie tax” of one cent per selfie.
  4. Anyone flying over the state of California is subject to a 2% sunshine tax (at least on those days when the clouds are not present).

You can reply to your weekly Tribune e-mail with any suggestions.