Tribune: Tax season treats

Now that tax season has kicked in, it’s time to think about the important things, like what goodies are you going to provide to keep your staff and co-workers happy and “energized.”  Below are some tips:

  • Almond Joys– For being a joy to work with
  • Animal Crackers – Because tax season can be a circus
  • DOnuts – For their can-do spirit
  • Jolly Ranchers – For being great team players
  • Lifesavers – For always being willing to help out others
  • M&Ms – For being Magnificent and Marvelous
  • Mixed nuts – When culling client lists
  • Pay Day – Every other Friday, if they’re lucky

Fun Spidell fact: Christina Estrada, our fantastic salesperson at all of our Spidell seminars, has conducted an informal survey and found that the top two favorites of Spidell’s seminar attendees are Almond Joys and Pay Days. Reply to this e-mail and let us know what your office’s go-to treats are.