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Interested in selling your practice? Contact us today! All information is kept strictly confidential. Interested in buying a practice? Check out our listings on our website! ATB is owned and operated by Enrolled Agents with over 60 years of combined experience, ensuring a complete understanding of all the nuances of our profession. You only sell once! Let us help make this experience as stress free as possible. Please call us at (855) 428-2225 or visit us online at for more information and to view our current listings. CA DRE 02002824


Bookkeeping Centrum

Bookkeeping Centrum looks forward to making work easier for CPAs and their clients by taking care of their time-consuming issues. Our expertise lies in doing the heavy lifting so our clients can focus on their clients’ growth and advisory services. We have specialized in bookkeeping, sales tax, payroll, and entity creation/maintenance. This way, we always have their backs!

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Cost Segregation Services, Inc.


Reduce Your Client’s Taxable Income:

By utilizing accelerated depreciation, your client’s income is reduced, which immediately impacts their federal income tax payment. Our cost segregation studies help them get the maximum tax deductions while staying compliant with U.S. tax code.

Debra Lindy
National Account Executive
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Drake Software

Drake Software, a private company founded in 1977, provides software solutions to over 70,000 tax and accounting firms that file more than 36 million tax returns every year. Known for its award-winning customer service team, Drake Software is also consistently recognized for excellence in quality, value, and reliability. As part of its commitment to innovation and customer success, the company has continued to expand product offerings, integrations, and customer-service efforts—more than doubling its customers over the past decade.


Eagle Tax Res, Inc. – Tax Resolution Services

Home of America’s Tax Resolution Referee™
We fix tax issues!
Eagle Tax Res is here to help you resolve your tax problems and put an end to the misery that the IRS can put you through. We serve clients nationwide.

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Game on, IRS!

Our mission at Game On, IRS! is to help you find relief from tax debt so you can get back to living your life.

The emotional stress caused by tax debt is crippling to your well being and affects the entire family. With an arsenal of experience, we are familiar with the struggle and commit to ease the burden through every step in the process. With our years of hands on experience, we understand IRS expectations and know how to achieve desired results, as painlessly as possible. We are here to help resolve your tax problems. You are one step closer to resolving your tax debt, once and for all.

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In 2012, RCReports set out to modernize the process of analyzing reasonable compensation and creating accurate & defensible reasonable compensation reports. Our founders set out to create a solution that allows any accounting or finance professional to generate an accurate and defensible reasonable compensation report in a matter of minutes. The fastest, most credible way to determine Reasonable Compensation for tax compliance, tax strategy, and business valuations. If you work with S Corps or other closely-held businesses you can’t afford not to use RCReports.