Get your CPE for free!

Get your CPE for free!

Spidell Publishing is looking for active California CPAs, Enrolled Agents, and CRTPs (CTEC) who are interested in participating in our self-study pilot test program. All participants will receive FREE CPE for every self-study they pilot test.

CPE credit for all self-study learning activities are determined through a pilot test, which measures the average completion time for the self-study course. As a participant in our pilot test program, you will simply complete the exam and a brief evaluation and submit your results to our office.

If you choose to participate in our pilot test program, you will be provided with an electronic self-study booklet, the final exam for the course, and a pilot test form. You will then be required to study the information in the self-study booklet, complete the exam, and calculate the amount of time it took to complete the course. Once you have calculated your completion time and filled out the pilot test form, you will return the completed form and a copy of your answers to Spidell.

If you return the completed pilot test to Spidell by the specified deadline, you will receive a certificate for your continuing education within 10 days.

Licensed California CPAs, Enrolled Agents, and CRTPs (CTEC) interested in participating in this program, or who would like more information, please contact Leslie Christopher at (714) 776-7850, or send an e-mail to with “Pilot Testing Program” in the subject line.