2024-20: June 17 extended filing deadline for San Diego County storm victims

The FTB is informing taxpayers who qualify for the June 17, 2024, disaster-related filing and payment postponement for San Diego County (due to the storms and flooding in January 2024) that when they file their California tax return they must indicate that they qualify for relief by either:

  • Following the instructions in their tax software to enter disaster information; or
  • For those paper filing, by writing “San Diego flood disaster” in blue or black ink at the top of their tax return.
    (FTB Tax News Flash (May 17, 2024))

For the 2023 filing season, when the vast majority of California was eligible for disaster-related filing postponement, this step was not required. However, for these San Diego County storm victims, the FTB is reinstating the pre-2023 disaster relief procedures.

If taxpayers have already filed without completing this step, they will receive a late-filing, late-payment, or estimated tax underpayment notice. These taxpayers should contact the FTB at the number listed on the notice for relief.

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