2024-28: IRS begins processing oldest ERC claims; moratorium remains in place

The IRS is starting to process older ERC claims that were submitted prior to the September 15, 2023, moratorium date. (IR-2024-169) However, the IRS has identified tens of thousands of these pre-moratorium claims as improper claims. They will be denying those claims in the next few weeks. Then, during this summer, the IRS will begin releasing payments for the 10–20% of pre-moratorium claims that it has determined are low-risk and will begin processing the 60–70% non-high risk claims later this summer.

The IRS announcement also states:

  • The moratorium placed on processing claims submitted after September 14, 2023, will remain in place for now;
  • The IRS is considering reopening the Voluntary Disclosure Program at a reduced rate (aka, less favorable terms) for those with previously processed claims to avoid future compliance action by the IRS;
  • There are still more than 1.4 million outstanding ERC claims, with approximately 17, 000 claims per week being filed since the moratorium was put in place; and
  • Taxpayers and tax professionals should not call the IRS toll-free lines about the status of an ERC claim because IRS agents staffing these lines will not have any information concerning the status of these claims.

The IRS’s announcement is available at:


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