Tribune: Peep potpourri

In keeping with the rich tradition of Peeps reporting at the Tax Season Tribune, here are some updates on everyone’s favorite seasonal sugar-coated marshmallow.


After exploding onto the 2021 test market like Mentos in a Diet Coke, Pepsi has again teamed up with Peeps to create a marshmallow flavored soda that now will be sold everywhere.1 Described as “pillowy-soft marshmallow soda,” it’s available in mini cans and 20-oz bottles. Hopefully the addition of marshmallow flavoring will make Pepsi taste less like the can and more like candy.

Annual diorama contest

You still have time to enter the 2023 Pioneer Press Peeps Diorama Contest.2 To enter, make a diorama of any size featuring marshmallow Peeps. The theme is open to anything from current affairs to historical events, daily life, celebrities, religion, art or sports, movies or books.

Submit a photo of your diorama before 5 p.m. EST on Friday, March 31 at:

You can peep previous years’ winners at:

Father of Peeps

In January 2023, Ira “Bob” Born, a.k.a., the “Father of Peeps” passed away at 98. Bob’s father Sam started the Just Born company in the early 1920s just before Bob was born. Bob took over the company in 1959 and during his tenure he designed a machine that could pump out Peeps at a faster rate; the current machines are still based on that design and produce 5.5 million Peeps per day. He also invented the Hot Tamale candy.