Tribune: The Tax Man Cometh for Danny Trejo

Actor Danny Trejo (Machete, Con Air) is filing for bankruptcy in order to reorganize his assets and resolve a $2 million tax debt.1 The actor also owns Trejo’s Tacos in Los Angeles and Trejo’s Donuts in Las Vegas.

Mr. Trejo hopes the move will mean he’s debt-free by 2024. He reportedly said the debt resulted from “mistakenly” claiming certain deductions for years and pointed out that he now knows that “dog grooming is not a legit expense.” At least, not for a donut shop.

Interestingly, last year, Mr. Trejo appeared in an episode of the YouTube accounting mockumentary “PBC.” The episode was titled “Trejo’s Taxes” and featured the actor menacing clients into taking deductions they were not entitled to.

You can watch the clip here (contains some offensive language… it is Danny Trejo, after all):