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      Mrs. Renee

      Good morning

      It was a pleasure attending your seminar

      I have a question as a follow up on AB 5 and I would appreciate you getting back to me soon

      I have number of Dental Corporations as clients. They employee other General Dentist to perform the work and majority are working other locations for other people as well therefore so far they have been treated as Independent Contractor. Some are even incorporated.

      I have been told by few that there has been a NEW update and DENTISTS, MEDICAL DOCTORS, ATTORNEYS are Exempt from this AB5

      Which means the Dental Corp does NOT have to change the status of the general dentist to Employee and can still keep them as Independent Contractor

      Is this correct?

      Has there been any changes or any exemptions for any Professions or Professional Corporations

      I would appreciate you getting back to me.

      Thank you

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      Lynn Freer

      A dentist who has his/her own corporation and is the sole shareholder employee and works for another dentist in his/her office is most likely going to be an employee, which was based on Borello. See EDD Publication 38 which still applies to dentists

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