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    client has to apply via fax or mail for EIN bc he does not have SSN, only ITIN. Problem is the IRS is on shutdown and hasn’t processed the EIN application and he really needs to pay employees but he has no EIN yet. Any way around this so he can do payroll?

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    Mark Bole

    Of course he can pay his employees at any time, even without an EIN — all he needs is a checking account with money in it to pay employees.

    As for filing Form 941, the instructions say ” If you haven’t received your EIN by the due date of Form 941, write “Applied For” and the date you applied in this entry space.”

    It will have to be paper filed in this case.

    Making deposits is another matter, they must be made online and I’m not sure how that works without an EIN. But penalties for not filing are usually much larger than penalties for not making timely deposits, so at least he can avoid the worst penalties.