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FTB notice of change-Extension payment missing

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Message Board FTB notice of change-Extension payment missing

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      Diane Gray

      Two clients received FTB notices this month showing zero balance due for 2020.

      Both clients had the payments drafted automatically as part of the CA extension e-file process. The balance due on the notice is zero so I know that the payments were received. There is no acknowledgement of the remaining balance applied to 2021 estimates.

      Since we know the payment was received, can we rely on the balance applied to 2021 estimates? Or should I contact the FTB for each client to confirm?

      I don’t remember notices like this in prior years.

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      Diane Gray

      Answering my own question. FTB practitioner line said that the notices were confusing for 2020 tax year because of the change in extension due date from 4/15 to May. She confirmed that estimates were applied.

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