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property tax refunds not sent

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      Carolyn Seeman

      An acquaintance told me that she has been due a property tax refund (after a successful appeal) of about $400 for two years.  What can she do? Is there a law that requires the refund or penalties or interest if it is not?  Thank you.

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      Go to the web site for the county property tax assessor and search for “refund”.  For example, at my county web site, there is an entry that states “How can I have my refund check replaced? Please contact the General Accounting division of the Office of the Auditor-Controller at xxx-xxx-xxxx.”

      Note that the government is not going to pay a penalty to the taxpayer for the refund being late, however, the refund itself may include a refund of penalties previously paid by the taxpayer to the government, if they were found to not be applicable upon appeal.

      Of course, what your acquaintance told you and what actually happened can be two different things.  It’s amazing how many people seem to be clueless about checking account money they paid to the government or received from the government (e.g. EIPs, quarterly estimated payments, etc).


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      Carolyn Seeman

      Thank you!  I did not know about this function.

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